Listing Policy

Listing  policy applies to all information collected by OURNCR.

OURNCR  is a local search engine that helps users to find information in Delhi NCR. OURNCR displays the relevant information according to the keywords entered by the user. It helps businesses to list free offers and deals.

Company shall have the right to use and disclose all data provided by the registrant that is for any purpose related to Company's business.

Processing Information:

OURNCR gathers information of its valuable subscribers by accessing the information posted by the subscriber on the website(

Information mentioned by the subscriber in the sign up form for creating an account contributes in the collection of information.

OURNCR utilizes the information for the purpose of

Sharing Business Details:

Changing and Deleting the Information

Any time if you wish to modify your personal information that is irrelevant, inaccurate or out of date, please write to us at or contact us through phone at +91 8588-8803-59. If you want to have your personal information removed, please let us know in the same manner as stated above.

We will take all necessary steps to modify or remove information in response to such a request. In case we cannot make that modification or deletion; we will intimate you about the same.

Use of Cookies

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