Sunehri Masjid Delhi

Sunehri Masjid

“Remembering the 1739 Delhi massacre”

The Sunehri Masjid (Golden Mosque) is a mosque in Old Delhi. It is located near the Gurudwara Sis GanjSahib in Chandani Chowk area, once an imperial boulevard leading to the Red Fort. The mosque was built by Roshan-ud-Daula Zafar Khan in 1721.

Apparently the Persian invader Nadir Shah spent several hours on the top of the mosque on 11 March 1739 to observe the Katl-e-Aam (the killing of everyone in sight) that he had ordered, which resulted in the massacre of 30,000 inhabitants.

In his book The Sword of Persia: Nader Shah, from Tribal Warrior to Conquering Tyrant, British author Michael Axworthy writes:

“On the morning of 22 March, Nader mounted his horse and rode from the palace to the Roshan-od-Dowala mosque (the former name of Sunehri Masjid). As he arrived there with his men, some people threw stones from balconies and windows around the mosque, and a shot was fired, killing an officer beside him. He had already made up his mind, but this final insult may have added fury to Nader’s frustration. He went to the roof of the mosque and stood by the golden domes, looking out over the houses, shops and roof of the Chandni Chowk district. He ordered that no one should be left alive in any part where any of his soldiers had been killed, and then drew his sword as a signal that the massacre should begin.”

Standing on a 2.1 meter high platform, the mosque is decorated with green colored floral patterns. The three main domes of the mosque have been gilded with copper with a golden look that popularizes this mosque with the name of “Sunehri Masjid”. The mosque was last renovated by Bahadur Shah Zafar II in the year 1852. A courtyard was built to accommodate the congregation. Having played a significant role in the history of Delhi, this mosque holds a right to be known and visited.

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Sunehri Masjid
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