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Simplify your Property Search

Whether you have to rent, sale or purchase a property,The search for the right property has never been so easier!


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Delhi is a traveller’s delight for weekend gateways. Go explore everything from modern architecture to age-old monuments exemplifying the saga of Delhi!


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No matter what sort of service(s) you are looking for,explore it on OurNcr! Here you can explore all types of services to cater to your daily needs.


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The foodies all over India never forget to treat their taste buds with the real taste of Delhi!Whether it’s Continental,Indian or Chinese, Delhi is the hub for fine dining!


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Ourncr is a leading and innovative local search guide

Serving your needs...

Ourncr is the right mix of features and flexibility that simplifies your local search!

It is an innovative local search guide,which guides the user to choose and locate variety of products and services spanning across a wide range categories including Shopping, Food , Travel,Services, Properties, News and Events, Entertainment, Education, Security.



Most trusted & valuable ‘buddy’ for users

Our mantra is to be the most trusted and valuable ‘buddy’ for users and customers in Delhi/NCR. We are poised to connect buyers with sellers in order to provide users with the best deals, and business-friendly environment to sellers


We see the world differently.
We aim higher, dream bigger and explore further.


We solve problems differently. We combine knowledge, passion and technology to drive innovation and set new benchmarks for excellence.


We do things differently. As the czars of the real estate industry, we don't stop at success, we always ask ‘what next?’ so we can change the game and keep on winning.


We aim to make and do 10x better than everything that has been done before. That’s the Housing mantra.


Dissecting ‘Look up’

The sharp edges direct us towards the future and invite everyone to push human limits.

The softer inside is a nurturing symbol of shelter — the most basic human need.


  • Optimistic

    Our look is expressive, authentic and inviting. We use vibrant imagery, colour and a unique tone-of-voice to convey our spirit.
  • Aspirational

    Excellence of execution conveys a lifestyle brand that feels accessible to everyone.
  • Elegant

    We cut through the noise with bold simplicity. Using the highest quality and consistency across everything we do, we keep everything as simple as possible.
  • Confident

    Our language is knowledgeable, factual and jargon-free.
  • Clear

    We speak clearly and simply in a way everyone understands.
  • Passionate

    We speak with the passion and conviction of a company that is constantly innovating and delivering optimism.
  • Game-changing

    We change the game to help the world live better. We’re here to shake up the real estate industry.
  • Responsible

    We fight for transparency, clarity and trust in an industry that lacks it.
  • Uncompromising

    We never settle for second best, we don’t even settle for success.

Our Values

Our core values lie in the decisions
we make & the actions we take.

They are the foundation of how we conduct business and the way we interact with others and ourselves. As members of the ‘Ourncr’ team, we live these values every day, and we strive to continuously improve at everything we do.

We want the ‘Ourncr’ journey to be enjoyable for all our valued users, customers, our merchants, and our business partners.


When we shoot buildings and objects, we do so in a much more considered and stylized way. Our 90 degree photography gives us an ownable style that looks like no one else.