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Goa Gil Live
Fri, 10 Mar 2017 , 10:00PM,
Privee Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel , Delhi
Goa Gil Live

Goa Gil Live

Mark your dates 10th March!

For Tickets Contact : +91 9899140429 / 9711293732 / 9818578802

Passes Include:

Early Bird Entry Passes: INR 1,000

Entry Passes at the counter:: INR 1,500

Cover Charges per person at the counter: INR 3,000


Goa Gil

Goa Gil's story begins in San Francisco in the 50s but his adventure really starts in 1967. He is 17, his name is Gilbert Levey and he is putting up posters for a living. He does that for a legendary gig in San Francisco: the Family Dog, where groups such as Santana, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane or Grateful Dead used to perform. He lives in that 60s/70s rock universe, surrounded by artists like Steve Miller, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles or Janis Joplin - “who was a good friend”, amongst many others. "I was in the right place at the right time, as I got to see most of the well-known musical artists of the time performing live, from The Beatles, The Sone, Pink Floyd and Sid Barrett, and on and on and on... All of that is part of my history, and part of who I am. It also helped to shape my musical tastes".

It does not take more to Gil to go on his way to find this “magic”. He is 18 when he heads to India, the perfect destination for all the dreamers, pacifists and all the party goers of the Western world at the time.

He remembers : “I bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam then I went through Europe to Morocco, from there I went across North Africa.” From Istanbul, Gil took trains and buses through Turkey, Iran, to end in Afghanistan. “I only paid 30 dollars for the transport, food and hostels! It was really cheap at that time in 1969.” In Afghanistan, he meets an Englishman who becomes his travelling partner. “He had already been to Goa a year prior to our trip. He told me about the fabulous and deserted beaches... So I decided to accompany him to Goa. We went from Kabul to Karachi and from Karachi we got a boat to Bombay then another to Goa”.

Gil was born in 1951 and grew up in San Rafael, California. He witnessed the birth of the hippie movement and acid rock, and was involved with the freak collectives Family Dog and Sons of Champlin. Feeling that the San Francisco musical scene was falling apart, he took off in 1969, going first to Amsterdam and then to India, settling in Goa. Here he discovered the sadhus wandering holy men living off the forest, covering themselves with ash, and drinking the "elixir of the gods." Soon, Gil himself became a Sadhu, Baba Mangalanand, in the order of the Juna Akhara, under the Guru, Mahant Nirmalanand Saraswati.

During the early 1980s, many Goa hippies were becoming increasingly fascinated with early electronic music such as Kraftwerk. Gil and his friends soon gathered some equipment and started DJing and playing live music all night long on the Goa beaches. The mix of outdoor electronic dance parties with Eastern mystical and spiritual overtones came to define the aesthetic of the psytrance movement. For Gil, dance is an active form of meditation and the use of trance music is a way to "redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century".[3] During the 1990s, the aesthetic of the Goa trance movement spread by way of European and Israeli backpackers who attended parties in India. He was interviewed for the 2001 documentary Last Hippie Standing which explored the scene in Goa. Gil is married to Ariane MacAvoy. Together they formed the band "the Nommos".



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